Wild Swans and Mao and AWWWWWWW my old website is down

Claudia and I finished a weighty biography tonight, Wild Swans. We apparently acquired it in February but only began reading it May 29th. Today’s July 9th so we managed to get it done in six weeks. I’ve just attempted to add the book to my lifetime reading list on my old blog snowbizz.com. It appears that the blog is no longer working. This page and the snow sculpting page are about the only parts of the once vast site that I kept updating. For ten years the website was my life although it was eventually eclipsed by Lincolndemocrat. I suppose I can go back to the wayback machine if I really want to review it. Maybe it can be fixed but I’ve let dozens up software upgrades go by without keeping the old site up to date. I’d hoped to have it survive me but I don’t think I have it in me to rebuild it. At the moment the homepage is still up but I haven’t found any internal links that work.

Well, that deflates me and my will to say something about the wonderful book that Wild Swans is. It had twelve million copies sold by 2003 so I’m a late reader. It was finished in the early 1990’s. It can only be read in China underground or that was the case as of 2003 when its author penned its brief afterward.

It was a wonderful character study and, although our situation in Duluth doesn’t come close to the extreme, of Maoist China, I kept running into a lot of parallels with our little ongoing sagas.

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