Tanit escapes

I was out on our sun porch this evening finishing up reading Wild Swans outloud to Claudia when we took pity on Tanit. For a couple years we have been letting her roam the limited confines of our sun porch with us when it is clement. A week ago she got big ideas and jumped down to our fence from there onto the ground. She has been banished from the sun porch since. A pitiable cry came from our cat and we took a chance to let her out hoping that she would realize that she would become housebound again if she tried to escape to the ground. Once on the porch it took her aproximately 3 nanoseconds to land on the ground. It took us a minute to corall her and bring her in.

Just now I was going to write a gloriously non school related post about Wild Swans and put that in LD’s search engine. I wanted to figure our when I began reading it outloud to Claudia for a post about our finishing it. The first post was from 2006 long before I had heard of the book so I checked it out. It was from our trip to Denmark that year while I was “campaigning” for my second Congressional campaign. I was delighted to see some photos that I thought had been lost of that trip. One was of swans in a lake. In looking at the six or seven posts I found mention of our adoption of said cat which, the post says, we were required to keep an indoors cat. Actually that comment was a few posts later when we returned to Duluth.

Anyway, we are still doing our best to honor our promises to the Animal Shelter despite Tanit’s pathetic begging meows to join us outdoors.

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