Last to know – as usual

On Friday, five days ago, I was told that the Rockridge School sale had fallen through in an email from a citizen. I wrote him back:

…We gave him [the developer]a 30 day extension on that site to get things organized. If he can’t do it and the administration knows this they haven’t told Art and me. It will be a second blow after Central and I’m sure they would want to downplay it.

The administration told the Trib this information at 10 this morning. Its been on the Trib’s website since then. I was just sent the email about 6pm eight hours later. Back in the day that sort of delay would have soured my old school board mates.

What’s more annoying is that this information was given to the City Council last Thursday or Friday and Councilor Julsrud sent the Rockridge neighbors a letter telling them this news five days ago. They put it on their website the same day. Once again this school board member is the last to know.

Its not all bad news. Apparently the sale of the Morgan Park property, which this developer added on as something of an afterthought, is still on target.

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