Do I head to St. Paul again tomorrow?

I went to the Minnesota Department of Education’s Title One committee meeting in the Fall and found it very interesting. The last time I came back with a CD of all the statistics related to the state’s education. If only I had time to wade through it. I’m thinking about heading there again tomorrow.

That would be a bit ambitious for me since I went down to the capitol to lobby with Art Johnston last week. Oh yeah, that’s another post I’ve been meaning to write. Oh and there’s that one on the Edison schools and how we are probably blowing a chance to avoid having them take another 700 of our students. And there’s lots more about Rosie and and and….

These’ll keep. I’ve got contractors coming over in a few minutes to look over the attic I’m determined to turn it into an office big enough to store my bankers boxes, filing cabinets and folders. That’ll be a month of dust but maybe I’ll have a good place to work well ahead of the 2015 election campaign. That would be a blessing.

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