For newbies to LincolnDemocrat

I expect that as the election season begins this summer I’ll pick up new visitors. I often explain how I operate here but every once in a while like a serious journalist I need to reiterate old information for new readers. You find this often in ongoing stories. Reporters are compelled to explain the basics over and over again in each new story every time there is some new wrinkle. I fear that for some folks this simple repetition makes the details outlined become true. I complained about it here regarding what people read over and over again about Art Johnston and the Rice “investigation.”

So, for the newbies who read the preceding post an hour ago let me explain that I wasn’t done with it. I tend to edit online as I keep writing. What you may have read was a mess that I paused at because my grandson wanted me to play teenage mutant ninja turtle with him. I was Donatello. He was Raphael. Then we went out to have breakfast. Then I came home and moved a raspberry cane to a more sunny place in my yard. After that I polished up the mess to make it slightly more comprehensible. I do this often.

Oh and go make a donation to Art’s legal defense fund. I’ll be giving a book about our school board’s recent history out with any donations of twenty dollars or more. You can donate online here.

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