MAJ 5 – Posts

As I get around to them I’ll start denoting some posts as MAJ meaning the Martyrdom of Art Johnston.

NOTE: this addition posted on Friday, March 27th.

To say I’ve been busy the last few days is an understatement. I have written some rough drafts of MAJ posts yet to come but I’m not content to write and post anything too hastily or carelessly. My horizon is the November election. At the moment I’ve got a lot on my plate not the least of which is a major home improvement project for which I have made half my house uninhabitable.

The previous post is not finished to my satisfaction so I’m just keeping it until I get back from a weekend out of Duluth. I’m going solo. The post to follow it, tentatively titled “Mean Girls,” will follow.

My brother and I will be attending a college reunion in Mankato this weekend. I’m hopping in the car in about ten minutes. The reunion will give us a chance to place our Mother’s earthly remains besides those of our Father. Sometimes immediate concerns (like my focus on the Duluth Schools) have to take a backseat.

I’m sorry for the recent spate of mangled and incomplete posts. I’ll fix them up when I find time in a few days.

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