Denfeld Trigonometry students know their times tables

I owe Duluth Denfeld a profound apology for defaming them two posts ago. I wrote that one of the teachers who spoke to the Duluth school board Wednesday night said that some trig students came in not knowing their multiplication tables. I was sent an email by this teacher which I will post in full later. He said my comment smacked of politics and he was right. It was and my claim was bull. Its one of the things I recalled but I knew even as I typed it that it simply could not be true and yet I typed it anyway. So much for fact checking. So much for my honesty.

Denfeld has problems it doesn’t need one angry school board member to heap unwarranted abuse on a school that so many revere. I was mad. I was mad at the treatment of these teachers who have gotten the strong hint that just maybe they should find hushed and circumspect ways of registering their concerns. So I managed to prove that the fears were justified and compound Denfeld’s difficulties.

A little over a thousand people have read that post by now. I’ll leave this one as my last post for a few days so that when they return they can learn for themselves that I’ve been an ass and report my foolishness to those who may only have heard my incendiary accusation in rumors.

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