Catching up upon my return from Eden

Apparently our Duluth School Board’s crusade to excommunicate Art Johnston is not the only thing that has caught the State legislature’s attention this year. Our Denfeld teachers have gotten wider notice while I was out of Duluth and blissfully ignorant:

Sen. Chuck Wiger (DFL-Maplewood) says he is responding to the concerns of 24 Duluth Denfeld teachers. A letter written to school administrators, according to Wiger, says that students are being passed to the next class or grade level without passing grades
“You probably do more of a disservice by continually promoting someone if at some point they’re lost,” said Sen. Wiger in a phoner interview on Friday. “Then, inevitably, when you go to the workforce if you’re not prepared, then we have failed as a system.
The bill will be introduced Monday and then reviewed by the Senate Education Committee in the coming weeks.

But apparently, according to the District, we are already addressing the problem.

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