Rosie’s Criminal Background Check…

…of Art Johnston.

“The investigation was brought forward because of Art Johnston’s violent abusive and harassing and threatening behaviors,” School Board Member Rosie Loeffler-Kemp

I wonder if Duluth School Board Clerk Rosie Loeffler-Kemp thought Art Johnston was abusive on the several occasions he urged her to run for the Duluth School Board. It’s funny how people can turn on you.

Rosie wasn’t even a full witness to the alleged “shove” that I’ve always thought was more likely to have resulted from the Superintendent jumping out of his skin and Art’s testosterone induced physicality (tap on the shoulder). But that didn’t stop her from claiming Art was violent. Had Art not been an elected official that would have been grounds for slander.

At no point did Mary Rice, Kevin Rupp’s hire to investigate Art, say she saw anything violent in the many youtubed videos of Art. She did find his comments derogatory toward the Board. I think that it is this, more than anything Rosie witnessed, which explains her sour summation of Art’s contributions to our school board. Rosie has labored for better than a decade to get herself elected and I don’t think she is eager to have anyone take the shine of her new apple – worms and all.

I wonder if Rosie has ever been put in a position to have a criminal background check performed on her. I under went one last year when I volunteered at Duluth’s Lifehouse but its not a requirement for running for the School Board. Maybe it should be. Art has passed two such checks. He passed with flying colors recently when he and his “friend” Jane applied to become foster parents. He also passed the much more stringent national security background checks relating to terrorism. That’s good because even while our school board is busy trying to remove him, rabid foam flecked fangs and all, he’s busy doing a hydro-logical study for the Federal Government on the replacement of a damn along the Mississippi River.

I guess he’s not considered a bomb thrower by the President. That’s just one more reason to impeach Obama!

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