The Survey and the Whale

I found out after last night’s school board meeting who the likely sponsor behind the educational phone survey is. Its probably another school district. I presume they are trying to figure how to keep their attendence up or even expand and in this enviorment of disillusionment over the Red Plan the time is ripe to siphon off our students.

Proctor and Wrenshall are or will soon be sending busses to pick up Duluth kids. Hermantown is a popular destination too but its buildings are reaching capacity and now some Hermantown residents are trying to keep more Duluth students out.
Perhaps even Two Harbors will start looking attractive. When I was on the School Board current board member Judy Seliga-Punyko sent her kids there during a similar “crisis.”

Duluth families who send there children away may escape a nghtmare in Duluth but they will still have to pay for it. They will be paying the freight for the Red Plan but will see none of its benefits – should there be any.

ISD 709 reminds me of the plight of an injured whale swimming too slowly in the ocean to elude hungry sharks.

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