I’ve always been wrong

At the end of tonight’s meeting Brady Smith of WDIO asked if I could give him the letter. I told him to ask the School Administration for it because it was public information having been sent to all the School Board members through the District. Brady seemed a little hesitant to ask the administration to hand over info he and all citizens are entitled to. I told him to tell me if they wouldn’t give it to him.

On the news clip he ran on tonight’s news he said the District simply said that everything I’ve ever said has been proven wrong. I’d like them to name a single thing I’ve said that was wrong. Oh, perhaps my early belief that they couldn’t approve the Red Plan without a referendum but I was quickly disabused of that.

I think the District is confusing its success at out maneuvering Let Duluth Vote with the help of its lawyers and a flawed law, millions of dollars in JCI resources, and the school bureaucracy with being right. If they are right then the Sadduccees were right because they got Rome to crucify Jesus and Jesus was clearly wrong.

Sixty years later the Romans tore down the Temple and sent the Jews on a second diaspora. Who was proven right then? We won’t have to wait that long in Duluth. We’ll find out in six months when the District puts its operational levy up for a vote.

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