The terrible awfulness

Five hours sleep came to a screeching end at about 4AM. While everyone else in our full house slumbered I listened to the recording I had made last June 15th of Attorney Mary Rice’s interview with me. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed listening to it. I was even more surprised to see that I laid out most of the critical explanations for what had happened and how carelessly Mary had failed to follow my reasoning. The report she sent us is the terrible awfulness of this post’s title.

I’m awfully tempted to put that recording of Rice’s interview of me on the web even though it will mention some of those verboten (forbidden)actions taken by our personnel. I’ll wait to see how the Tuesday meeting goes. If we can regain our perspective and put everything behind us spilling all those beans would be counterproductive. If we decide that World War III is a viable option…….well, Rice has already accused me of spilling the private data beans. I might as well spill them whole hog if we are going to gird our loins for eleven months of Hell.

It could get expensive. The tiny little St. Louis County schools just gambled $700,000 on legal fees and lost it all. Maybe Duluth with its deeper pockets could improve on that breathtaking record. This news story mentions $450,000 in legal fees but a concerned resident recently told me they’ve subsequently hit $700,000.

I had much to say about this but I’ll probably wait until our meeting at 4:30 this Tuesday in the Board room to consider my options.

Jana gave me a second heart attack by telling me that her notice of our December 2nd. meeting (which I had yet to receive) said that the interview with Rice would be in a closed hearing. I went ballistic. After calling all my fellow board members and the Superintendent and paying a call on Chair Miernicki at work it turned out that Jana had made the mistake of taking the notice literally. The notice which was delivered in the mail to me while I was getting in the car to pay a call on Mike did describe a closed meeting.

After my calls to other board members and my visit with Mike I was assured that we would be able to reconvene in public at Art’s insistence to ask Mary Rice questions after all. When assured of this I told Mike that he might just want to delete the phone message I’d left him rather than listen to it.

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