11-14-14 ALL CAPS, PART 1- 10,000 WORDS PFTTTTTT!

As per usual when there is a lot on my mind and my thoughts spill out into the blog today’s cogitations will spill out in parts. Today’s novelty will be All CAP Titles.

This spill should have commenced yesterday but was nipped in the bud when all my pent up energy was consumed in what seemed like two hours of phone conversation. At least, unlike Monday, they did not arrive while I was attempting to shovel two yards of sand into my threatened sink hole during a car spinning snow storm. Today’s output could reach half that with some of that energy spent. This is a reminder to my readers that proof reading will suffer with so much verbiage to corral.

Today’s output though muted will be fairly extensive as I had to work not to think about all the things I wanted to write as I went about my day. My breakfast with Claudia yesterday ensured that I would write. Then I got the call. Then I shoveled my sidewalk mulling over the two hours of conversation. Then I took a short nap to clear my mind. Then I asked Claudia if she was ready to put away her never ending studying of theology to let me read to her. Then I spent an hour and a half reading the novel Orphan Train. Thanks to our Kindle’s monitoring I know I’ve completed 68% of the story. Then we went out for a glass of wine and appetizers at Tavern on the Hill in the quiet of the mid noon and after that proceeded to a Marcus Theater to watch Bill Murry’s latest star turn as a crotchety old St. Vincent. Then it was home to a Nova program on the 8000 Chin Warriors found in China about the time Nixon was making nice to China. Then I took the 10,000 words to bed. Let’s see how many make it to the blog today.

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