My Buddy’s indicts me

My Buddy writes:

On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 9:29 AM, [your Buddy] wrote:



If I ever attend to writing such a book it might free me from the compulsion to rise to my Buddy’s every put down when I post something about the crappy experiences of black Americans.

Meaning what? That I deny that black Americans have had and have crappy experiences? You do seem to suffer from a compulsion, which involves indulging in irrationality and bullshit. As I have said to you:

My complaints against you are “puny, blind and foolish”? My complaints against you are limited and precise, such as when you accused Duluth police officers of committing DWB, instead of simply and accurately saying that someone told you that he had repeatedly been the victim of DWB. Your such failure was utterly irresponsible, particularly considering that you are a member of the local school board and that you publish a blog. You fucked up. Have you met with Chief Ramsay? Have you acknowledged that you fucked up? I suspect that your fuckup marred your reputation with Chief Ramsay, and maybe with Mayor Ness and Duluth police officers. If your such fuckup wasn’t attributable to race hustling; to what was it attributable?

[your Buddy]

My Reply:

Perhaps Buddy, it was connected to my conviction that most people act differently when dealing with blacks than they do with whites. If this difference ended up being harmless it would be no big deal. Judging by the plight of such large percentages of blacks three hundred years after they were shanghaied into slavery it has been a big deal. Judging further by the much better situation for the descendants of other once discriminated against light skinned people who came long after blacks this plight is very much skin color related.

If Chief Ramsay can’t take my publicly expressed conviction that black drivers are more likely to be pulled over in Duluth traffic stops than whites and that this is in large part a result of their darker skin color then I’m quite happy for him know that one public official in our town does believe that this is probably true.

I only claim to speak honestly Buddy, not to speak the truth. If I’m proven wrong by the Chief then I’m quite willing to suffer the consequences. You’ve alerted the Chief about my conviction. I’ll be happy to hear from him if he can demonstrate that my conviction is unfounded.


I also sent my Buddy a PS that was unrelated to this dialogue

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