Ignore my criticism

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This endorsement was determined by Forum Communications management”

Stewart kind of reminds me of Dan Quayle with more hair. I know, I know. That’s all ad hominem. I’m just jealous of his tongue.

BTW. I got a gander at it (the tongue) on the DFL website and it moved me to comment that it looked like the DFL was trying to elect Mills. It was sort of irrelevant. I liked another’s comment that the incumbent Rick Nolan sounded like everything he said came from the Democrat’s talking points whereas Mills sounded like a regular guy. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure he’s not exactly my kind of regular guy. More pictures here.

He reminds me too much of the college kid across the street this Fall dressed up in doctor’s scrubs during UMD’s Freshman Orientation. He was holding up a sign saying “Free pap smears.” He told me he thought it was a lot more creative than the sign held by the kids across the street. Their’s said: “You honk. We drink.”

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