Another insider’s take on Dixon

My friend emailed me another person’s view of Dixon’s years in Faribault:

Interesting article. Lot of it true on both sides depending on where you were coming from in the community in your dealings with him. First contact I had with him was at a faculty mtg (sr hi) at which our principal was going to update us on building plans he had been working on with us for over a year. He said he was going to introduce the new superintendent, who would talk for 5 min and then we would work on the building plans. An hour an a half later Dixon was still talking! At that meeting Dixon said he was going to retire in five years (2000?)? At an administrative meeting Dixon and the principal got in a disagreement about the bldg plans and Dixon said if you don’t like it quit. Our principal slid his keys across the table and quit at the end of the school year a month or so(?) later. He was a good principal. Only one administrator was left after a year or two (and we had some very good ones) and Dixon tried to fire him but the elem. principal won the lawsuit and he is still here.”

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