The Red Plan turbulence is driving people out of the District to neighboring schools. I just got a call from Fox News and was asked if I could lead them to anyone trying to exit the Duluth Schools. I don’t know whether they will accept the offer to be interviewed but one of our new LDV members is already sending kids to Hermantown.

Fox called after hearing about the exodus at last night’s school board meeting. One of our members mentioned to another that the Hermantown Star reported that there were 61 Duluth applicants for Hermantown’s schools and it got mentioned last night. There is something of a backlash in Hermantown to this and Hermantown’s schools are considering closing the door to Duluth enrollees.

The Wrenshall and Proctor schools are also enjoying additional applications from the Duluth Schools. No doubt the Edison and Harbor View charter schools will also see more applications.

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