Tomorrow there will finally be a story in the Duluth Trib about Dr. Dixon’s days in Faribault. Although I gave Sara Horner, the Trib’s Education reporter the names of several Faribault people she evidently found none who would criticize Dixon for publication. She let me know this a couple days ago and I found several folks who would offer some criticism. Other than emailing back and forth with one critic it appears the story will mostly quote Dixon’s avid supporters in Faribault. In some cases these are the same folks who helped bring the Faribault District into a state of chaos and who have good reason for downplaying this embarassing fact.

One of the people I suggested Sara contact was former Faribault Board member Wai Lee. I got in touch with Mrs. Lee and she said she’d be happy to talk to Sara and suggested two other names. Sara’s story was done so she didn’t call Mrs. Lee.

When I called Mrs. Lee her husband, Joe, got on the line to talk to me. He mentioned that the original $34 million building bond that Faribault voters approved ballooned through change orders after the plan had begun to a $42 million dollars expense. That’s twentyfive percent more than it was sold to voters as costing.

Dr. Dixon keeps assuring Duluth that the Red Plan will come in at cost. That’s not how Robert Aho reads the proposed contract Johnson Controls sent him. Hmmmm?

I’ve got my fingers crossed that the story won’t end up being a whitewash but I’ve got my doubts.

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