The Red Plan spawns more critics

Today’s Trib introduced us to a new group that is attempting to dial back the Red Plan.

The Trib’s Ed reporter mentioned them to me yesterday moments after one of our LDV supporters sent me an email about their plan to spend $53 million fixing up our schools. I said the more the merrier and I repeated it on the Trib’s online feedback page.

Restore Our schools has a lengthy press release which shows its petition at the bottom. They are basing their numbers on Art Johnston’s numbers. Art is an engineer who has been advising Let Duluth Vote. The group wants a bare fix up of our schools.

I immediately contacted their email address and warned them that the form of their petition did not meet State demands and that I would help them do it right. They’ve already got several hundred signatures but they won’t count without the change. I think their wording is just fine.

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