Today’s third email between Chair Miernicki and me

Mike to me:

Again I hear “sweeping Red Plan under the carpet.” I agree with the News-Tribune. It is over. We need to move on. You and Art want to keep looking backward to justify your campaign against the Red Plan. Fine. But do it on your own time. The schools are built and we have issues to tackle. You and Art can raise your red flags. You can stage your “public shoot out.” I will move on. When you get your majority in next year’s election, you will be able to spend a lot of hours and a lot of money proving your Red Plan theories. I wish you luck.
Mike Miernicki

Me to Mike:


I think you believe you are being high minded. I’m reminded of Bobby Burns poem about the flea in church. I’m sure you can google it. You have a lot more eyes focused on the back of your head…..that’s true of all the school board members….than the subject of Burn’s poem. 

I must tell you, and it saddens me to do so, that when it comes to reckoning which of you is the more truthful, Art Johnston or Mike Miernicki, my head tells me I’ve got to go with Art. 

Canceling meetings with me to play in golf leagues is just one small piece of data that leads me to this conclusion. 



PS. As I am inclined to treat all my school board email as public information. Please be advised to consider what you write to me in emails very carefully before you push “send” as it could very well end up in my blog.  And by the way,  I’m not sure the editors of the Tribune would appreciate your summation of their thinking on the Red Plan. They have their pride but they are not ostriches. They are still journalists. They will be happy to cover a dysfunctional school board and write opinion pieces describing our futile efforts to keep people happy with too few resources.

PPS. Ask Bill Hanson if the school board has the authority not to repay all our bonds thus forcing the state to pay some or all of them. If that is possible I’d like to consider putting that on the ballot for the people of Duluth to decide. It was a decision they were denied making from the beginning of the Red Plan when they were denied a referendum. It would please me to rectify that crime and give local voters the decision that Governor Pawlenty said should rest in the hands of the School Board.

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