seventeen minutes and counting

My head tells me I can’t lose. My heart has no idea what the outcome of the election will be. I passed out my literature until 5:30 PM last night. It was dark, cold and windy. I ended lit dropping everything but eight square blocks of my district. I had a little help but did most of the door to door by myself. I was pleased to have covered so much territory in three weeks.

Claudia read through a web page on the Trib today that had comments about me pro and con. By the time I heard about the site this afternoon it was no longer online. She told me the posts were polar opposites either depicting me as a rabble rouser or as a hero. No fence sitting for me.

I joked with the Trib’s Sarah Horner about her Editorial Board’s characterizing me as a “single issue” candidate. I found that very funny since I’ve been fighting those sorts in the Republican Party for the past thirty years. Oh well. The Editor is from Boston. He’s much more worldly and sophisticated about these sorts of things than m I am.

Sarah asked if she could send a photographer to my home tonight to take a picture if I won. I told her sure. If I lose there will be no pictures. I told her that for her sake that I hoped I won because without me on the School Board her job would be so dreary. She thought that was pretty funny. I guess I must be a rabble rouser. Without our kind there never would have been an American Revolution and we would still be singing Rule Britainia.

Five minutes left to vote.

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