Three days and counting

The story in the Trib today did just what I hoped. It quoted me thus:

Welty was not flustered by Seagren’s decision Friday night. He said the approval should not be viewed as a recommendation to proceed.

“This is just an acknowledgment that the district has followed the law,” he said.

Doty’s hatchet job and a good night’s sleep were all I needed to start putting up lawnsigns. I had help from Gary Glass in Lakeside and Mike Jaros in the Grant area while I put up seventy or eighty signs in the area between my house on 21st Ave. East and the western end of my District on 6th Ave. E. I only have about 30 Welty signs left to put up which means that there must be about 150 up. They are on some of the busiest streets in my district. They went up easily.

I even got home and passed out leaflets to a chunk of my district from 5:30 unitl 7PM. I had a few unhappy dogs bark at me but it felt good. Tomorrow I’ve got more help finishing up the signs and I’ll do some more leafleting. I’ll get darned near the whole district done by Monday.

The good vibes are coming back.

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