A wounded man replies

I sent the Budgeteer the letter which follows. It’s also on Ralph’s feedback page. I rather like the feedback page. Quite a number of folks thought Ralph was just as bad as the dirty trickster another portion of his column criticized.

When Mr. Doty first hinted at his opposition to Let Duluth Vote six or seven weeks ago I offered to meet him for a cup of coffee. Doty declined my invitation. It’s a lot easier to assassinate someone’s character if you don’t know them.

Ralph was out of town the years I served on the School Board so I’m not surprised he has blown a trivial and humorous incident out of proportion. As for “obscenity laced?” One stray GD and it’s a lacing? I understand our current Superintendent laced at least one school board meeting himself in Faribault. It happens. I’ve always said that: “If you can’t be passionate about your children – what can you be passionate about?”

I’m a little surprised that Mr. Doty would wait until the last minute in a campaign to spring such a vicious smear. I’ve been open about my suspicions about Johnson Controls for well over a month now. Everything I’ve had to say about the company I’ve put in print or online on my blog. I’m more firmly convinced of their slipperiness with regard to the Red Plan than ever.

The outcome of the election will be known by the time this letter is published. What impact Mr. Doty’s vitriol played in the outcome will never be known.

Harry Welty

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