The DFL calling and a 56% tax hike

I was listening in on the Brad Bennet show this morning. Brad and I have had our ups and downs but we see eye to eye on the Red Plan. We both need a red filter. I was waiting for a chance to call him when I got a call first from the DFL.

“Hello, I’m Sumitra.” said the very Indian voice on the other end. We’re talking a Bangalore call center. “I’m calling to ask you to vote for Tony Cuneo and Dave Anderson for City Council they are good for unions and working families.” I put quotes on the speil but I don’t recall it exactly. Sumitra asked if I would vote for them and I was non commital. Nothing like having the local “living wage” folks outsorcing jobs to Asia to promote their politicians.

A moment later I was on the line with Brad who wanted to talk school issues. I had to begin by imitating the call I’d just gotten. Brad had already gotten such a call and later I got an email from one of the Let Duluth Voters saying he’d gotten the same call two hours after hearing me on Bennett’s show. If that doesn’t do in Cuneo and Anderson nothing will.

Before the end of the hour I managed to tell Brad that the Red Plan will bump the school portion of our property taxes next year by 56%. That’s a recent discovery. Funny how the District hasn’t managed to get that message across. Everyone will find out shortly after the election when they get their property tax notices from the County. The Red Plan has to be included even though it might not go into effect. (should Gary and I get elected) That could make for an interesting Truth in Taxation hearing for the School Board in December.

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