Greeting the opposition

Yesterday, after an exhausting day ripping sodden sewage laden carpeting from my basement I washed up and went out to eat with Claudia. Outside Sara’s Table we met Bob Brooks the Superintendent and the new assistant super, Joe Hill. We had a cordial greeting and I introduced Claudia to them. I joked with Joe Hill that I thought we’d gotten an old socialist icon when he was hired. I then offered to sing his anthem at a school board meeting after I was seated. Bob joked that he had been tempted to tell Joe, “I dreamed I saw you last night,” but had decided not to because Joe had probably already heard it way too many times. Dr. Dixon was as jovial as ever. He could probably be sitting on one of the Titanic’s deck chairs and keep his million dollar grin in place.

It was cordial all arround. You would never have known that I had called on Brooks a few days earlier to give him a ten minute lecture about my suspicions that the fragrance in Denmark was getting a little iffy.

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