Feedback on the petition language

Here’s a portion of one email about the petition’s proposed verbiage.

Harry –
Just a thought – another comparison in addition to the current retiree liability –

If I recall correctly, remember – that the “red” plan in addition to the proposed $250 million there were still costs that were identified as a “TBD” factor in the report, such as parking ramps etc, so the $293 million if based on the “inflation” factor as Dixon states will be even higher when those numbers are factored in – also don’t forget to add the “inflation” factor for the parking ramps.

Thanks ************,

Your points are all very pertinant. I’m a little affraid to jam too many arguments into the petition for fear it will slow down the petition process, and dilute what I think are the most persuasive arguments. Yours are all wonderful questions to hash out in the press in the next few weeks and during any time leading up to a real Red Plan Referendum.

Since this petition has no force of law my principal audience is the Governor’s education department. I want them to think about the issues I’ve come up with just in case they decide the Johnson Contols’ lawyers have made a good case. Every name we can put on the petition will serve as another confirmation that ignoring the voters will only make them mad – at the Governor – if he allows this to go through.

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