When I haven’t been blogging

When I haven’t been blogging its because I’ve been busy. Its due to those 18 hour days I recently reported.

Last night, Friday I finally got started on a good seven hour’s sleep. I woke up at 6:30 hopped out of bed by 6:45 and will leave in a few minutes to drive down to the Twin Cities to help my kids clean up the yard some more.

Two things:

On Thursday evening I found Bevan Schraw, at large anti referendum candidate, and Tim Grover at my back door. They wanted to know what had happened to me. I had spaced my 6:30 meeting with Labor to ask for an endorsement. I spaced it I’ve been so busy. I told them that I had a perfect record with Labor. I’ve asked for Labor’s endorsement twelve times and I didn’t want to screw up my perfect record. I called the President of the Labor Body and passed on the same information as an appology for not showing up. Bevan Tim and I spent a good hour and a half jolking around, talking politics and trying to recall the history of excess levies in Duluth.

Yesterday, Gary Glass, Bevan’s at-large opponent and I sat down to talk with Sarah Horner of the Trib. Sarah is a petite little bull dog. She has been very skeptical about the Let Duluth Vote folks. I had told her a month ago after she had grilled me that her skepticism was her most important journalistic tool and that she ought to train it on JCI and the school Administration too.

We met to discuss our objections to the Red Plan and I had to spend yesterday finally reading the 115 page report to the state from JCI for Review and Comment. I found much in it quite reasonable – except for the sticker shock and the sneaky way they have manipulated the process to make it sound like there is no need for a vote and that the Duluth Public is cool with that. But the page that really got Sarah going was the one that showed, we think, that JCI has back ended all the taxes so that they will be three times bigger for property owners at the end of the probject 20 years from now than they are at the beginning. That was not her understanding of how the financing was to be structured.

I’ll edit this tonight after I get back from my labors in St. Paul. I hope I got most of the syntax write. Gott ago.

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