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I just popped over the the local post office to check to see if there were any new contributions there. Golly there was one and from a fellow I had once heard being told by another that I was an idiot. Much gratified I walked out only to meet my next door neighbor heading into the post office. Judy is moving out at the end of the week so, of course, I wanted to tell her we would miss her.

She said that she had done her best to help my reputation in town when she met new people and told them where she live and by whom. She told me she set many of them straight on the relatively good-hearted neighbor she lived next to. She added that many thanked her for giving them a “new perspective” on me. I chortled and replied that I was grateful she’d tried to persuade folks that I was not quite as hideous a person as some make me out to be.

I know, of course, why folks would think me to be so evil. Why I tried to deny our children the beautiful new schools they deserved. Yes, that’s one way to look at it. I must hate children. That’s the only rational explanation for my actions over the last six years.

You might be surprised to know that this is not how I look at it. Denied honest information I had to guess as to what the Dixon Administration was doing. It didn’t look good to me and I complained. As the recent posts indicate the wonderful caring corporation that supervised the State’s biggest ever school building project for the Dixon Administration was only to be paid $4.9 million for it – according to Dixon. When I find time I’ll elaborate further. In the meantime I’ll reiterate what Art Johnston’s dogged pursuit of honest information has revealed. JCI was not paid a paltry $4.9 million for their work. They were paid $85 million for it. That’s not quite twenty times as much as the Dixonites claimed at the beginning.

As far as I’m concerned that is a theft of $80 million dollars from our children. Worse yet, it has crammed our children in classes so horiffically overcrowded that they can not possibly be expected to learn at anywhere near their potential.

This sorry condition does leave me with a few choice words for Johnson Controls and the Dixonites that may indeed give the impression that I’m an angry and unpleasant man. This theft of candy from the mouths of babes leaves me with no other words than


to describe this theft.

I must be an angry and unpleasant man……where Johnson Controls and its cockroaches are concerned. But where children are concerned? Please! Give me some credit.

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