Let Duluth Vote news

Our meeting last night at the Duluth Heights Community club was almost double the previous attendance last week. We formed a large circle to make it easy to talk as a camera man for KBJR/KDLH showed up and shot video. We had a nice coverage on both channels that night. Claudia teased me for calling the District’s survey “cockamamie.” Yeah, where did that word come from? But it is….

We have doubled our petitioners. People are now approaching us as they see us on TV asking us to sign and grabbing our petitions out of our hands in their eagerness. I took a handfull of petitions over to a fellow at UMD today who is appalled with the District’s great plans.

We passed out 28 of the 100 “Let Duluth Vote” t-shirts that we ordered. They cost us $5 apiece and we have raised enough money to pay for them. We’ve ordered 500 lawnsigns with the same logo. They will be ready for us to pick up in the Twin Cities in four or five days.

On Thursday we plan to walk the Northwest passage, our downtown skywalk, wearing our shirts to get more signatures. I may not be able to make it back due to my daughter’s sudden labor but there will be five people to pose for a press confrence before adding to our petitions with or without me.

On Friday I’m having lunch with someone who called me looking to contribute to our petition drive. That too might have to be put on hold. Pray for us. Pray for my children.

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