You’ve been blogged or maybe not

So far in my campaign, except for the single lawnsign I stuck in my yard, this blog is my principle campaign tool. I’ve been so busy I haven’t done it justice -yet. Last year running against Congressman Jim Oberstar I blogged all the time.Since then the blog has been rarely attended to. That will change.

The internet will be my chief clearing house for information on the Duluth Schools. The blog may infuriate some readers because my style is frequently chatty and I talk about mundane things. What I’m doing may be of little interest to others who are concerned about the Duluth Schools but if I’m talking about how well I slept the night before my visitors will just have to skip it if its not of interest to them. (WARNING – I might just sneak a tidbit of info next to the mundane).

I’ll be reasonably judicious about what I write but my inclination is to err on the side of disclosure. My previous eight years on the Board confirmed that people who think they are being denied information are prone to paranoia and I count myself among them.

But, I’ll have to live with the results of my blogging. For instance, a very good friend just read my blog and sent my wife an email about it. (I had blogged that the late night coffee I had imbibed at his home earlier that night kept me awake. Of course, its my own fault for drinking it and, in fact, I rather liked waking up to blog about early that morning) My wife sent me a copy of his email in which she told him that she never reads my blog and wouldn’t know how to find it on the Internet. (That is true. She, unlike many of my readers has a life!) Then she told me I had probably hurt my friend’s feelings. Gosh, I hope not!

Claudia, is a case in point. She has a sensitive job and cringes when I mention anything about her work on the blog. Last year I evidently got a rumor started that she was retiring within the year. I had mentioned that she was planning to attend a seminary when she retires. Claudia will no longer share some things with me. I knew she was whip smart when I married her.

Also, a prominant Duluthian asked me not to mention his/her name on my blog until the election is over. I agreed so, you see, this blog will not be a completely unvarnished account of what I know or think. Everyone edits and I’m no exception so take that as fair warning. Although, if any other prominant Duluthians ask me not to mention their names I’ll be inclined to mention who made the request.

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