A Package, A Shower and a Lawnsign

We read about the Weasley wedding which went off without a hitch, unless you consider the late arrival of an army of death eaters at the reception to be a problem, on the way back from Detroit Lakes. We had driven Dad across the state to meet Claudia’s brother who picked him up for the remainder of his trip to Bismarck.

I read over 150 pages of the last JK Rowling book outloud. Our new Hybrid Camray gave us a quiet ride and I didn’t have to strain my voice. Upon our return I found a package waiting from me which had been Fedexed up to me by a longtime Fairbault school watcher. He sent me his collection of clippings about the schools under Superintendent Dixon’s tenure.

On Saturday morning Claudia had me pick up the house and help her prepare for our daughter’s baby shower. We wrapped presents including the illustration my Mother made for my story Harry’s Nap. We had it framed for the baby’s room. Its the Image on the left on this page:

At noon Claudia drove off to the shower and I began spot priming the bare wood on our windows that I’d been uncovering over the past week with Dad. By 5PM I’d finished two sides of the house and was able to put the patio furniture back in place. When Keely and Claudia were back we were all able to sit there in comfort. The hummingbird Claudia and I had been waiting for all summer turned up to sup on our many trumpety flowers. I had just gone to the Haskells’ Summer Wine sale and picked up a fun little bottle of German bubbly. I poured us each a glass. Keely had one sip and stopped. Good girl.

After dinner at Sara’s Table we watched a movie that Keely had brought up, The Last Mimsy.
I grumped afterward that it was a pretty inconsequential bit of cinematography. Claudia and Keely jeered me. I peaked out of the front window before bed and discovered to my irritation that someone had stuck up a lawnsign for Mayor Bergson in my yard. I yanked it out and went to bed. I imagined painting a new sign with a slash through the words “soap opera.” followed by ABBB. Anybody but …..

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