Lost another DNT endorsement

The DNT Editorial Board evidently takes no stand on whether the Red Plan will be a disaster for Duluth or our salvation. That strikes me as dereliction of their journalistic duty. Certainly they have offered opinions on the smaller $309 million City Health Retiree Crises. Their quibble about whether $144 million of interest on the Red Plan should be included in the price tag seems silly. It will be assessed against our taxes and it will total $437 million dollars.

The Trib rightly criticizes me for my Harold Stassen like failure to attain public office despite many attempts at it. I never started out to be a Stassen. I had the misfortune of beginning my career as a Republican centrist in a stauncly Democratic district right after Watergate. How staunch was the district? Four years earlier it had voted 76% for McGovern during the Democrats most crushing electoral defeat for President in history.

Later, the centrist in me balked at the rightward shift in the GOP. How Rightward? At a district convention a few year’s back the new darling of the local party said that people like me were worse mass murderers than Hitler, Stalin and Mao tse Tung combined.

I could have been like Mitt Romney but instead I chose to squander my electability by campaigning on my principles. This campaign is no different.

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