Spelling Bee

I was the pronouncer for the City Spelling Bee this morning. I’ve done it most years since 1997 and have done all the larger Regional Spelling Bees since about that time. We’ve been losing participants because of tough times and the growing charges levied against participating schools. Your world is “insolvency.” Because of fiscal imprudence […]

Your word is /ôr?THä?r?f?/

For better than ten, perhaps fifteen years I was the pronouncer at our regional Scripps Howard Spelling Bee. I have mentioned spelling bees and my experiences with them in about a dozen previous posts over the last ten years. The subject of the last half of John Ramos’s Reader Column this week concerns an unhappy […]

Its all Greek to Me, or Latin

Just typed that phrase in my search function and as I suspected discovered I’d used it in one title previously…..so I added “or Latin.” I thought this was an interesting educational idea. Its about teaching elementary kids root words and suggests it can pay big dividends. I’ve always paid attention to them and never more […]

Its Sandstad not Samstad

I think I had Nora’s name right originally then corrected when I got the idea she was a Samstad and not a Sandstad. I’ve now re-corrected the spelling in the three posts to date that got it wrong and hope to avoid that misspelling again. After all I used to be the pronouncer for Duluth’s […]

My little potatos

All the posts that have been lining up like planes to land over the past week while the airport is down for repairs have turned into a sort of stew. I see bits of them sticking out like a cooked carrot here – my conversation with potential school board recruits or or an onion wedge […]

Another record month

To read this blog one has to be very interested in the Red Plan because for the past two years I’ve excluded commenting on just about everything else. That’s been a challenge for an ecclectic like me. Yesterday I had more visitors than ever before in a single day, 320, up 70 from the previous […]

McCain and Revelations

This is very interesting video interview of John McCain by Tim Russert who challenges the “maverick” Senator on his recent raprochment with Jerry Falwell. (My blog software doesn’t have spellcheck and I don’t know if raprochment has one or two r’s. Rats! Not long ago I spelled prerogative “perogative.” Phooey! I’m only the pronouncer at our local spelling bees in […]