Barr none

I blame having so much on my mind for starting three or four attempts at a column next week before shelving all of them. But Attorney General Bob Barr gave me enough for a post this morning. His reasonable explanation of the Mueller report’s findings will no doubt threaten to put Democrats into apoplexy otherwise […]

Republicans for Putin

I had heard the last of Robert Reich’s seven points but not the first six. The sixth is interesting because the GOP platform means nothing to Trump. After the conventioneers wrote in a plank wishing gay familial rights they cheered him when he wished them away in his windy convention speech. He was so surprised […]

The Golden Gate

Last January I took this photo at dusk of the hillside cemetery facing Jerusalem’s Eastern or “Golden” gate. I recall hearing it is the resting place of over 100,000 Jews. They have been interred with their feet facing the Eastern Wall so that on the Day when a David returns to resurrect Israel the dead […]