Does Congressman Stauber support extra judicial kidnapping?

From The Hill commenting on George Will’s column today in the Washington Post:

“Will, who honorably follows in the footsteps of the greatest conservative columnist of them all, the late William F. Buckley, is now immersed in the greatest battle of his distinguished career. He is battling to save America and conservatism from the twin dangers of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.”

I read Will’s column. It was a summary of a new 1000 page disection of how Vladimir Putin used the old KGB to assassinate its way to control over the KGB kleptocrats who became billionaires when the Soviet Union was carved up into corporate empires. But Putin put them all under his thumb by taking out the biggest of them.

Conservative Will was not the first to go here. My first recollection of attempting to out Trump as a Putin lackey was was liberal economist Robert Reich writing in the wake of the Steele Report. Forget the golden shower the real news was that Trump was in hock to the Soviets through the German Deutsche Bank which had all but forgiven the blustering loser $300 million dollars.

When I read that I put up this sign in my yard:

Now, under fire for gross incompetence Trump is turning America’s law enforcement into a shadow of the secret police.

Just maybe liberals need to start carrying weapons to shoot their way out of Trump’s extrajudicial clutches.

So remember who Trump’s accomplice is here in Northern Minnesota: Pete Stauber

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