Speck # 4 Roy Cohn’s Revenge

In no way do I mean to praise Donald Trump. His campaign was as sleazy as it gets. Hillary’s insider string pulling in the Democratic machinery is part and parcel of every campaign. Its both understandable and unavoidable. However, Barack Obama proved that it was not invincible in 2008. Bernie Sander’s loss is hardly surprising. […]

My Ruby Slippers

Two years BK (Before kids) Claudia had me dress up for a Halloween Party as Dorothy Gale. I’m sure I was fetching even with a full beard. I still have the beard although it is salt an peppered now. I have been asked to reprise the role for our church’s “Trunk or Treat this Sunday […]

“So what?”

One of my regular email pals sent me an email this morning that helped me decide what today’s post would be about. This, by the way, is not my regular “Buddy.” Have you heard Mary Lambert’s song Secrets? You both could use the chorus from this song as campaign slogans. Makes me think of unrealistic […]

A meditation Pt 12

Among the millions of words I’ve expended on the Red Plan was a history of it that I wrote for the Reader Weekly four years ago before I was willing to describe Dr. Dixon as a liar. One of this series of columns was linked to at the conclusion of the last post. The whole […]

Hoisted on your enemy’s petard

Michael Brodkorb was a rising star in GOP politics. He was as I recall a hotshot in the UMD College Republicans when I was still a nominal Republican. Like a lot of them he drunk pretty deeply of the self righteousness that attends political ascendancy. Recently he was canned for having an affair, something I […]

Ignorance is not bliss

Lawrence Lessig argues that Congress has allowed the identites of those who can profit from bad investments (which all of us depend upon) to be hidden. It reminds me of warnings twenty years ago that the investors in the then burgeoning Chinese market had no idea what exactly they were buying because of Chinese financial […]

An Afghan “court jester”

Its another world over there: “Over our food, which we dug into with our hands, Atta boasted proudly of Pashean’s many talents, telling me that in addition to his prowess as an entertainer, he was also a professional blackmailer, a master thief, and a prolific murderer, with an estimated fifty victims killed by his own […]

The art and science of seduction

I read about a discovery recently concerning water striders those bugs who skate above water. It seems males will make vibrations on the water that attract predators whenever the female striders they mount resist them. Females either submit to the male or face being devoured from below. Internet services offer some less lethal opportunities for […]