My Ruby Slippers

Two years BK (Before kids) Claudia had me dress up for a Halloween Party as Dorothy Gale. I’m sure I was fetching even with a full beard. I still have the beard although it is salt an peppered now. I have been asked to reprise the role for our church’s “Trunk or Treat this Sunday along Woodland Avenue and Lewis Street from 3 to 4:30 PM. Claudia is making me a lovely blue checkered, gingham dress and I used the magic of spray paint and glitter to make Ruby Sneakers. I hope all you other witches are properly jealous of me.

Trunk or treats are all the rage now. Folks decorate their car trunks and dress up kids to trick or treat in church parking lots. We will be serving hot dog’s too. Dress up your children or grand kids and stop by. Bring a camera and take my picture but be advised. Our nation is a lot more tolerant these days so you might not be able to use it for blackmail purposes in the future. I will be donating blood at the church that morning so I might look a little pekid. BTW – in case you were wondering its for the Memorial Blood Bank and not for any vampire themed reason.

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