Minnesota Miracle

One concern I have about Mike’s letters is that he keeps promising that I’ll re institute the “Minnesota Miracle.” That was the name of the ground breaking, bipartisan compromise to have the state take over the greatest share of financing local schools. I don’t think the Miracle can be resurrected but I sure as heck […]

A critique of vouchers sent to me by an unexpected source

No matter how much I snarl and quibble with “My Buddy” my Buddy keeps supplying me with interesting material. Our correspondence predates blogs (ten years) and we have chewed over wars, civil rights, politics, gender related speculation and not least to me (big-shot-school-board-member that I am) – education. One of our longest running disagreements has […]

Juggler’s walk

When I taught myself how to juggle in my thirties I discovered the juggler’s walk. It begins shortly after a person learns to juggle and the temptation is to keep the items juggled from bumping into your chest. Balls and beanbags get thrown ever so slightly forward so that the new juggler, intent on tossing […]

Worst Case Scenario

I got an email from a reporter who reads my blog much to my satisfaction. My comments about the threat of the legislature imposing on Duluth taxpayers the burden for paying off the vast financial hole of our local Duluth Teacher’s Retirement pension caught this journalist’s attention because they seemed at variance with Jay Stoffel’s […]

Jaros Endorsement

For immediate release June 18, 2010 For further information contact: Harry Welty Jaros endorses Welty for Senate Mike Jaros, western Duluth’s thirty-year DFL legislative veteran, has sent an endorsement of a one-time Republican rival, Harry Welty, to succeed Sen. Yvonne Prettner-Solon who is stepping down from her Seventh District Senate seat to be gubernatorial candidate […]

DNT Huntley vs. Welty 2002

I’ve been poking around old news clippings that I once had posted on www.snowbizz.com. I got a kick out of this one. Next year when the Duluth District falls into the abyss I’ll keep this in mind. Duluth News Tribune Our View Return Huntley to state House After the 2000 census and redistricting of legislative […]

Mike Jaros to the rescue

I presume the Duluth Trib will get around to reporting this news but Mike Jaros the author of one of the laws which apparently gives the District the right to ignore voters on this massive scale has introduced legislation to put the animals back in the barn. I stick up for him after a few […]