Giving Blood

It’s been a tough day but I’m finally back. I’d let my computer get too cluttered with applications that gummed up the RAM memory. I’ve got things running again but it’s been a long day of waiting as my computer seized up again and again. Thank goodness I got it running again because after a week’s silence India will be calling tomorrow to fix that long standing technical issue that has caused me no end of problems. Different problems!

At least I did some useful things in between fighting my computer. As I mentioned earlier I read for Lighthouse for the blind. Its only my third time and today’s partner Gloria made me be the lead reader as we read local papers over the radio for folks who can’t read for themselves. Monday is always a thin day for articles because the Duluth Trib is so thin. After we left Gloria said she’d vote for me.

My computer was still frozen when I returned so after fiddling with it uselessly I was grateful for a call from the Memorial Blood Bank. They told me they desperately needed A positive blood. I hate giving blood but escaping my technical problems was a relief. They told me I have four pints to go before I’m up to five gallons. That’s when my name will be added to their plaque of big time donors. I’m a piker by comparison with the rare folks who’ve given twenty gallons.

I got some other chores done while waiting for my computer to heal itself. I called the Clerk of the House of Representatives for details on filling out my financial disclosure form. I couldn’t print anything out with the computer on the fritz but it looks like that difficulty will now be solved.

And I might have something to report too. I’m having an insert printed for a fundraising letter. I went whole hog and ordered 5,000 copies even if I only send out 1,000 initially. As Mel said, there are a lot of people pulling for me. They just want to make sure I’m not a Don Quixote before they commit their time and money.

I don’t blame them. That’s how I feel about giving blood.