Bidin my time

I took two of my troika of lawnsigns down this glorious morning. I left the little Biden sign up as the election has yet to be called in his favor. I expect him to be our next president and I suspect he will be hobbled by Mitch McConnell although McConnell himself will be hobbled by a political party that has been wrenched out of his control too. I hope Kamala Harris will be the tie breaker which, should it happen, this will further weaken old Mitch. I’m more confident of Biden’s victory than I am of a 50/50 Senate at the moment.

As for Trump. I’ll watch him for the next few years like a hiker watches a mountain lion he stumbles into on a lonely trail. I’ll growl and make myself look bigger.

This won’t be much of a post. I want to go back to writing and unsurprisingly my last hint at what I plan write has already faded from my thoughts. I have organized my household like crazy during the pandemic with just one last battlefront of chaos. Its my lovely office. I’ve saved it till last and its been in a state of readiness for a massive cleaning for a couple months. I think I’ll get a good start on it today instead of spending my time on French. I find myself with yet another year to get ready for my 45-day French course in Provence. Claudia and I had been scheduled to fly there on October 14th. The virus intervened. I hope we can get vaccinated next year because next Oct. 14 is our new start date. That gives me a fourth year to practice. I am getting closer to understanding the language. Gosh has it been a tough nut to crack.

French and writing are my two personal objectives now with that mountain lion following along within sniffing distance. The state of the world is always on my mind. For instance I took this photo in our house after plucking up the two lawnsigns for disposal.

This is the-waste-stream-to-be from our purchase of replacement soup bowls a few days ago. Look at all that fish gut clogging crap it took to keep our new bowls from breaking in the Amazon and UPS delivery queues. The Koch brothers have got to be stopped from poisoning my grand children’s Earth. Some of their billions need to be used to rid the world of plastics by figuring out how to mulch 90 percent of it into something biodegradable. Ditto those mass murderer Opioid Billionaires who are going to pocket their blood money from killing tens of thousands of innocents who mistook our health care system for a health care system.

If I’m going to make it to age 100 I’ll have to watch our for big cats for thirty more years.

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