Duty, Honor, Country sans one

Darn, I’ll need to rotate this…….more later.


My photo sharing ap is being very balky. Its late and …

We just ordered our tickets to France. This gentlemen above, tipped on his side was my original reason for going. Now its more than that. That’s too big a subject to tackle in a late night post when I really need to hit the sack. I’m even too tired to study french at the moment. I will be speaking the language when I arrive next September……I may not sound pretty but I will speaking it.

I just discovered that Duolingo has been keeping track of my work. Since my birthday in December I’ve put in 129 hours. Most of these hours were in March and the April just completed. Duolingo says I’ve learned 2910 new words. Now if I could just learn to conjugate them all, spell them, properly àçcëñt them, put them in the right order and use them in a sentence……

Good night.