“Rustling my paperwork”

Here’s Loren Martell’s take on that last school board meeting and, in particular, my reaction to the suprise reconsideration of retaining Kevin Rupp’s law firm:

“Eventually the continuation of the Rupp firm’s role as one of the district’s legal consultants was approved by the usual 4-3 vote, prompting member Welty to rustle his paperwork and shake his head with open disgust.”

I’ve previously described how Attorney Kevin Rupp pressured then School Board Chair Michael Miernicki to let the Board accuse Art Johnston of making racist statements along with the other BS the board threw at the side of the Barn to see what would stick. Mike was extremely reluctant to sign on to this particulaly slimy accusation. Nonetheless Mike went along with it because Rupp thought it would cut any public support out from under Art’s legs. So, is it any wonder I was disgusted that such a reptile would continue representing the School Board?

I was not party to Rupp’s plan to eviscerate Art Johnston but I can only presume that Annie Harala and Rosie Loeffler-Kemp were in the know and made no objections. Indeed, they were part of the 4 – 3 vote to retain the Rupp firm.

Rosie took particular umbrage to my comments about Mr. Rupp scolding me that they were “disparaging.” Perhaps she’s forgotten her unpardonable evaluation of her colleague Art Johnson when she said of him that his behavior was “violent abusive and harassing and threatening…”

Rosie is a great champion for the District’s Civility policy……except in practice.