Child centered decision making

I was sent a couple of public emails this morning addressed to the School Board from two unhappy ISD 709 parents.

The first described the treatment of a child by the principal of one of our schools. It was not happy reading. I also have no idea if it was fair or accurate. I received similar missives when I was a school board member and I always resisted weighing them with much force until I had gotten a chance to interview all parties. Whether they are completely accurate or not the treatment of the students did not suggest much humanity. I suspect the District is having a hard time offering such a product in the climate that seems to have descended with Dr. Dixon.

I have taken the liberty of editing the other email which strikes me as unquestionably legitimate criticism.

This past Saturday, Nov. 13 the Central Administratioon made the decision after 3:00 p.m. to cancel the Fall Ball Dance for Central High School scheduled at the DECC. An “all call” started after the decision and many students and families did not receive the all call until 3:30 or later.
“Weather and “safety reasons” were cited…. however, NOTHING ELSE was cancelled around the Duluth/Superior area.

On this day there were no school, wedding, funeral, church mass or DTA bus cancellations. The Miller Hill Mall was open and packed, as were restaurants. The Superior High School Fall Ball went on (students eating over on this side of the bridge, then attending their dance), UMD Hockey, all other DECC functions went on, etc.

While the snow fell over the hill nothing accumulated down below the hill and MNDot and Duluth Streets were maintained. This was an estimated 3-7″ snowfall with no blizzard, high winds or white-out conditions.

Canceling this long planned event was expensive. The Ballroom was rented between $ 1,600-2,100, music hired and decorations put up Friday nite. As to the costs of students who chose to attend? They purchased dresses, hair, makeup, flowers, saved and asked for a day off from work while driving in the elements all day to prepare for the big night. Hair appts. usually fall between 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Getting ready is almost an “all day” activity!

PARENTS who had the authority to decide whether their children could be trusted on the roads were not consulted. It would be interesting to know whether Duluth’s Street Maintenance was contacted about road conditions?

The dance has been rescheduled for this Saturday. Hair, flowers, expenses will have to be paid for once again if they can be afford yet again.
If the administration is going “soft” due to the Northern Minnesota weather, please contact the parents who would gladly help keep this on schedule. This wasn’t a blizzard and to cancel was a very poor decision.

Will there be any reimbursement for the cost of tickets for those who cannot attend on the rescheduled date?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to the last question.

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