Trump “build-a-wall” bait

My Buddy sent me a post from Powerline (one of my favorite blogs -NOT). It was a doozey suggesting that a Somali woman who just defeated Rep. Phyllis Kahn in the DFL primary had practiced bigamy or immigration fraud. This Somali woman is obviously a treasure so if there is proof that this is true it greatly clouds her future. No one in the DFL and perhaps no one in the press wants to pry into the truth.

Powerline’s posting has forced the issue and this is the latest from the Strib:

I am a great proponent of the truth and believe a full airing of this should be made.

As I emailed back to my buddy:


I agree the truth should be told.

That said I imagined a theoretical Jewish woman in 1940 who might have escaped Poland during the Blitzkrieg forging docs to marry her brother to get him safely to the US. It would be hard to find fault with this stratagem.

Of course, it would be unthinkable to imagine her running for the state legislature a few years later with this hanging over her.

Just a couple thoughts.