2016 Aug Blog 1: “Those who forget the past”

At noon I got the tiny package containing the chef hat I ordered to play Mike over the just ended weekend. As you can see its just as well I didn’t get it in time. It showed up as I was deadheading petunia’s in my patio. When I saw that it was from China I finally understood how my Amazon order could have been so cheap at $2.14 including, I presume, shipping. Coming from China the USPO had no choice but to send it on. No nasty three dollar addition of US postage.

“Ah,” I told our letter carrier. “That’s how Trump gets his ties from China into the US so cheaply.”

I can’t wait for him to get elected and teach China a lesson.

I came out to get a selfie of me in the hat to talk up my weekend portrayal of a putative “Mike” circa 1920 in the movie shoot I was cast in. Since it’s all about Duluth’s infamous lynching this selfie seemed a good springboard into that well trodden subject in LincolnDemocrat – civil rights and black/white relations.

As I left yesterday’s Business Committee meeting at Historic Old Central I carried out the tripod for our intrepid video recorder. Marcie and I are old friends who see eye to eye on very little other than the reason for the often dire straights faced by ISD 709 going back to our Let Duluth Vote days. As I shoved the case into Marcie’s SUV Alanna Oswald said “See ya later Mike.” Marcie asked what that was about so I explained in brief how I came to be on set shooting a scene about the Duluth Lynching.

Marcie turned her head in exasperation and said “we should let sleeping dogs lie” as this subject will serve no purpose but to rile folks up. It’s time we got over stuff. I was eager to get home from a long meeting so I said that this was a good subject to bring up to discuss at some future occasion.

So, I’ll bring it up here on the blog because I disagree completely. I used to pass out a business card with Santayana’s quote on the back: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”