4,509 Visitors in Sept.

I don’t know why but last month’s blog stats are the lowest this year since last March when 1,256 different visitors paid a call on Lincolndemocrat. That was probably the month I announced my interest in running for the school board because since April I’ve always had at least 4,000 visitors each month. That represented a major uptick in interest.

My stats were, however, made confusing by a lot of visitors from other nations. I don’t know how the record keepers do this but I assume they know the origen of hits on my site (37,000 last month) and whether they originated from servers located overseas. At any rate the foreign visitors have been falling off lately. I presume that the vast majority of last month’s 4,509 visitors were from Duluth. My content has been so exclusively Duluth School related I can’t imagine it to be of much interest to foreign observers any more. A lot more folks read the Duluth News Tribune than my blog but the Trib is a piker compared to my copious writing about our schools. If I got a penny a word on the subject I’d be a rich man today.

I sure hope my message about passing the levy gets out there. I’m taking it door to door but while I probably talked to 30 people today (roughly one in every three doors knocked on) that pales compared to the 345 visitors my site had on Monday or the 1,217 I had on September 19th.

1,171 of last month’s visits lasted over thirty minutes. I’m flattered that some folks have found that much to interest them on my humble little blog with all its typos.

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