Well Shut Mah Mouth

Karl is right. I have a healthy Ego. Its an American birthright. Karl is also right that without some humility such an Ego can be a terrible thing.

This blog is my id. I don’t hold much back. That’s especially true when I wake up in the morning with an itch in my brain so big that I don’t have the energy to proof read and edit the thousands of words that spill out from my brain as a result of the itch. Think of these pieces as a long internal conversation. I’ve gotten a lot of fair grief for the recent Civil War Trilogy. They, were such an extended typing session.

I can, with careful editing, be fairly economical with my words. The post Karl refers to in which I beat the hell out of Art Johnston is such a piece. That took me better than four hours from about 2 AM until about 6:15 in the morning.

It appeared to me that Art had bad mouthed me to the editor of the Zenith Weekly and since he took the gloves off I took mine off as well. If you can’t tell I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m not looking forward to serving with him on the School Board. It will be a test of his maturity to take my attack like a man instead of sulking about it. I expect him to sulk.

I did get a call on my answering machine subsequently from Art but before he read my post. He was looking for a peace deal without realizing it was too late. After he read the Zenith’s story he wanted me to know that he never took after me in the interview. That’s posible although with millions of words invested in this blog I don’t much like to have it dismissed as simply “bullshit.”

Its possible that the id from long distant posts criticizing Art, something I’ve only done rarely, had been read and remembered by Richard Thomas. He’s a long time reader of the blog. Its possible he took previous criticisms of Art from long ago and Art’s dismissal of my blog and my comment about Art’s irascibility, leaped to some conclusions and blew it up into a major war. If so, there is truth to it. Before Art won his seat in November 2008 I was so fed up with him that I sent him an email telling him I hoped he won just so he could endure the four years of frustration being on the School Board would give him. I got my wish.

I’m utterly baffled by Art’s determination to get our District’s Administrators to admit to stupidity and lying over the Red Plan as a quid pro quo to get his support to prevent our schools from sliding into damnation. I think that proposed trade off is the measure of a pretty small and selfish mind. Yes, they ought to own up to being fools and knaves. But most people don’t have the humility to own up to such crimes. So, Art will condemn our children to hellish schools until his unattainable demand for vindication is won. To Heck with Art.

Here’s my last Not Eudora column before the November election. It explains without so much Id and verbiage why I write. Well Shut Mah Mouth.

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