Master of the Senate

I finally finished Robert Caro’s Master of the Senate and not a moment too soon. I began it last Spring but set it aside to campaign. I read a bit of it on our trip to Denmark but at a thousand fifty pages of small print and with my slow methodical reading pace it was taking forever.

A week ago I told Don Boyd that I needed to finish the last hundred pages before I finally resumed reading his 700 page tome but’ in fact’ I had over 200 pages left to read. Well, I finally got the job done.

The book gave me more insights into the ambitious people who become slaves to their desire for political advancement. HHH who is one such figure was an important figure in Caro’s book just as he is in Don Boyd’s.

I rebuffed Don a week ago when he asked to have a cup of coffee because I felt embarassed that I kept putting off reading his work. In the next couple days I hope to wade into it with the same doggedness that helped me finish Caro.

LBJ may have been the “master of the Senate” but after HHH’s death the historians of America listed Hubert as the second most important Senator in US History. To help make better sense of him I got on the Internet a week ago and ordered half a dozen books on Humphrey. Most of them have arrived and I’m looking forward to digging into this little research project. I wish I had some super skills like the Heroes I’ve been watching or like Harry Potter. Then maybe my reasearch would go more quickly.

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