More fencing with Vic

Vic keeps needling me by sending me links to articles he thinks will get under my skin.

He sent one today with nothing more than a link to this page. Its about a scientist debunking the media “hysteria” over global warming. You can see from my reply to Vic that I wasn’t overawed.


Researcher Demmings anecdotes are interesting. If the warming nuts have indeed
succeeded in sweeping the medaevil warming out of their results and projections
it is damnable. I wish Demming had named names. I couldn’t help but wonder if
he’s a researcher who has been bought out by the corporations funding the NCPA
who put bread and butter on his table much as the tobacco companies found
scientists to downplay the danger of tobacco to health. Could Demming be a kept

Today there was a story in the Trib about the loss of sea grasses and a story on
NPR about the loss of plant life in the oceans which has been documented by
satelite photos over the last decade which confirm that the oceans are getting
which has coincided with the warming of the surface. One consequence of
this change is the increasing acidification of the waters which threatens
corals. This warming also undermines fish stocks at a time when we are
increasingly able to seign more fish from the ocean.

Although it was left unstated in the NPR story I thought about how the ocean
surface composes 2/3rds of the Earth’s surface. I wondered what percentage of
Earth’s overall plant biomass the oceans acount for and then wondered how much
less sequestering of CO2 resulted from the loss of this photosynthesis. The less
sequestering the more global warming.

I hope my curiosity isn’t enabling the media hysteria.



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