Help Murtha Police!

Congressman Murtha, ex marine and anti-Iraq War leader, was given the nod by Nancy Pelosi to vie with Steny Hoyer for a Democratic leadership position in the Congress. It looks to me as though someone is attempting to sabotage his campaign. A previously confidential videotape of Murtha sniffing around for a bribe has appeared on the Internet. Its sure to take some of the gloss off Murtha’s reputation and could undermine his campaign.

I wrote a column a year ago supportive of Murtha over his criticisms of the War in Iraq. This does not absolve him from any earlier misdeeds.

Here’s the story. Here’s the videotape. Its 57 minutes long and Jack starts bragging about his clout in Congress about 15 minutes into it. He wasn’t ultimately indicted but the video is not flattering.

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